Man baffled by unexpected reply after installing dog poo warning sign

An angry homeowner has threatened to ‘take action’ against dog walkers who leave their pet’s poo outside their house.

Fed up with owners not cleaning up after their dogs, a resident has taken matters into their own hands by installing a sign with an arrow pointing to where somebody left their dog’s mess.

But they did not expect to get a ‘sassy’ response to their message.

Their sign reads: “Please clean up after your pet.

“To whom it may concern, we have you on camera. The next time your pet poops in our yard we will take action. Thank you for picking up after your dog.”

In response, an anonymous person wrote them a handwritten message: “Don’t have a dog just tired of your dramatic sign,” and signed off the message with ‘xoxo’, which represent hugs and kisses.

Despite some believing it’s ‘petty’, the warning sign appears to have worked as one Reddit user wrote: “Saw this sign with dog poop. Walked past it again this morning, no dog poop.”

Amused by the interaction, one user wrote: “I totally agree with the original sign. I don’t see how it’s too much to ask that you clean up after your own dog. You are a next-level douche if you just leave your dog’s business for everyone else to enjoy.

“They do that in my neighbourhood too. They pick up their dogs business and then set it in the lip of the trash can, not in it. Multiple people do this too. People also put their bags at the base of trees too. Very odd.”

Another user said: “It seems like they put up a camera precisely because of dog poop and will call the police over it. Some people are absolutely obsessed over their front yard and expect everybody else to also care.

“I understand not letting your dog poop on someone else’s lawn but I absolutely wouldn’t want to have this person as a neighbour. And given you think this unhinged behaviour is OK, I wouldn’t want you as one either.

“What is up with people being crazy over their houses and thinking it’s fine, normal behaviour.

“If you don’t want people occasionally stepping on your lawn, put up a fence – even a small one at thigh height would put an end to this complaint.”

A third user said: “My neighbour snapped at one point when someone kept letting a dog poo on her footpath. She made a sign a bit like this, but stuck it in a shallow cardboard box, maybe a fruit tray, and hung the box from a tree.”