Policeman crawls into pipe to rescue lost dog after peanut butter failed them

A policeman has gone above and beyond his official duties to bring home a desperate dog in need – after peanut butter failed them.

Trooper Jimmy Rasaphone responded to a call of a dog stuck in a culvert in the town of Conklin in New York, US, on Sunday 26 June.

The 13-year-old golden retriever, named Lilah, had been missing for four days and “was discovered when the owner heard her yelping”.

After failing to bride her out with peanut butter and cheese, Trooper Rasaphone crawled into the small tunnel and looped a collar around the dog’s neck, local paper The Times-Union reported.

Lilah’s owner was then able to pull her to safety – though she didn’t appear too pleased in the photo captured moments afterwards.

The footage was captured on the officer’s body camera and shared on New York State Police’s YouTube and Facebook, where it was praised by thousands.

The viral post read: “Trooper Rasaphone and his partner Trooper Ana Reynas were dispatched to a report of a dog stuck in a culvert pipe in the town of Conklin.

“After learning that Lilah had been missing for several days and now deep underground Trooper Rasaphone decided he was going to help.

“The trooper tied a rope to Lilah’s leash and disappeared into the dark pipe.

“After crawling about 15-feet he found Lilah and got a collar on her. With the help of her owner, they were able to pull her out to safety.

“Troopers, thank you for going above and beyond and showing compassion to help get this pup back home to her owner.”

Hundreds of people shared their appreciation for New York State Police in the comments, and praised Trooper Rasaphone for his work.

One person said: “This is proof that we still have wonderful people in our world. A perfect example of a hero in a uniform. One of New York’s finest.”

A second agreed: “That is wonderful! Thank you Trooper Rasaphone – definitely going above and beyond your call of duty.”

Another dog who went missing was found and rescued from a cliff with the help of a trusty sausage roll.

Henry the working dog in Cornwall was reported lost along the South West Coast Path and couldn’t be found by rescuers.

Then members of the public found a pup stuck down a 20ft fissure, near to where Henry was last seen.

The team set to work and used a rope rescue kit to retrieve Henry, along with half a sausage roll and some treats.

Boscastle Coastguard said: “After approx. 30 mins of shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing, we managed to get a lead around the dog and pull him up to safety to the obviously overjoyed and happy owners.”