Woman told she’s ‘stealing bride’s thunder’ by modelling wedding dresses after ceremony

An anonymous woman has said she was accused of “stealing the thunder” of her sister-in-law after she modelled wedding dresses in photos that were released just one week after her wedding.

The woman said she does modelling as a secondary job and had done a photoshoot for a local bridal boutique three weeks before her brother, Simon, got married to her new sister-in-law, Nancy.

But when the photos from the shoot were released and used in adverts in the woman’s hometown, her sister-in-law saw them and accused her of taking the job because she was “jealous” of her wedding.

And when the woman tried to reason with her sister-in-law, other family members also got involved to claim that she was “stealing her thunder”.

In her post on Reddit, the woman said: “I am a hotel receptionist and I do modelling on the side. I did a bridal gown photoshoot three weeks before my brother’s wedding but the advert came out yesterday. It was for a local boutique which isn’t really big, they have maybe two branches in our region.

“My brother, Simon, got married last week but they postponed their honeymoon because of his job. So when the advert came out yesterday, my sister-in-law Nancy saw it in the shopping centre. She called me and asked why I have bridal photos in the city centre and I told her I got an offer to model bridal gowns for this boutique.

“I then asked her what she thought of my photos. Honestly, I was expecting feedback like ‘you looked beautiful’ or ‘the gowns looked good on you’, but instead she yelled at me on the phone and accused me of being jealous of her.

“I was surprised because Nancy and I are friendly with each other, I didn’t expect her to blow up on me like that. She hung up on me and a few minutes later I got a call from her sister, who sounded really upset with me for stealing her sister’s thunder.

“I told her Nancy’s wedding was literally 7 days ago, so why are they accusing me of stealing her thunder? We got into a verbal altercation, she called me names, and I retaliated and called her names before I hung up.”

The woman has since found herself on the receiving end of negative comments on her Instagram – where she had shared pictures from her advert – from her sister-in-law’s family, and her brother has said he doesn’t want to get involved so has refused to help her.

She added: “Last night I saw a TikTok video about the whole situation and a lot of Nancy’s friends are siding with her, they said I was jealous of the bride that’s why I did the photoshoot. They’re also commenting nasty things on my Instagram, so I had to turn the comment section off.

“I asked Simon to talk to his wife but he wants nothing to do with it. Am I missing something here? Because quite frankly I don’t understand why I am an a**hole.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the woman’s side, as many of them said she was just “doing her job”.

One person wrote: “I don’t understand what’s wrong with those people. She had her day, you are doing your job. This sounds like people in their teens.”

While another added: “You were hired for a job. She and her friends are ridiculous. It’s not like you wore the wedding dress to her wedding.”

And a third said: “You were working and even if you weren’t, how long is anything bridal banned for because of her wedding? She, her sister and her friends are ridiculous.”