Man finds secret lair hidden under train station – TikTok users say its a matrix glitch

To the shock of TikTok users, a man has unveiled a ‘secret lair’ underneath a train station, and it has viewers convinced it is a ‘glitch in the matrix’.

Luke Douthwaite, 23, a laboratory technician found the tunnel under a nonchalant looking set of stone steps at Sheffield train station.

The man, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, said he was meeting up with a group of fiends when he decided to show off his intimate knowledge of the city.

In a video, Luke can be seen walking over to an area of chrome covering the stone steps.

Then, in a surprising move he grasps a metal loop at the bottom and lifts it up – revealing a hatch.

He reveals a secret tunnel which then leads to a door.

While Luke does not enter the tunnel, he simply says, “There you go!”.

Some viewers have been left annoyed as he did not go through, while other TikTok users have been left speculating what the tunnel really is.

The surprising post has racked up 567,800 views and 49,200 likes online, with users offering up their best guesses as to what it is.

“Bruce Wayne ain’t gonna be too happy now that uv exposed his secret lair….” said one user.

Another user commented: “That is the exit door for the matrix. Its old my guy… we use our phones now!”

While a third added: “From our side where’s the fire escape going to the earth’s core?”.

“That goes to the mainframe, I just know it,” commented someone else.

A few locals and some eagle-eyed viewers gave a more logical answer, with one saying: “It’ll be the pump room for the water feature”.

Speaking about his discovery, Luke told : “I found the tunnel a few years ago when I was a university student with some friends after a night out and returning home.

“At the time of being a student, we found the discovery quite hilarious, we never entered the tunnel but always became a joke among friends.

“The TikTok was just a funny homage to those times. I never expected [it] to go viral, it was recorded in the first place to be sent to other friends on Snapchat but figured I’d put it on the social media platform just to see where it went and here we are.

“The TikTok was recorded Jubilee weekend during a reunion with my friends where I remembered the previous night out and was showing another friend after picking him up from the station.”

Sadly, Sheffield station does feature a large chrome water feature – so it might not quite be the mysterious lair we’d all envisioned.