People in stitches as dog is caught ‘cheating’ on its owner with neighbour

Dogs love being shown attention – and if their owner is busy, they’ll happily look elsewhere for it.

An owner has called out her dog for ‘cheating’ on her with their neighbour – and caught their entire interaction on camera.

The adorable clip, shared to Reddit, shows her neighbour squeezing their arm through a hole in the fence to stroke the large breed dog.

The owner joked: “This is what cheating looks like.”

Warming hearts everywhere, the post racked up more than 93,000 upvotes and has been rewarded with the ‘Wholesome Pro’ and ‘Helpful’ awards.

While most users laughed at the dog’s fickle behaviour, others shared their own stories about their neighbours showing affection to their pets.

One user said: “The camera woman isn’t laughing at the cuteness, she was crying at the utter betrayal,” while another user added: “I would back the dog away and go in for some good back scratches myself.”

A third user said: “My dog started getting chunky and it took months to figure out that it was the neighbour feeding her chicken livers and steak trimmings.

“He set up a lawn chair and talks to her through the fence. Her name is Luna but to him she’s Lulu. I’ll gladly add in hours more of playing fetch to keep that going.”

Another user said: “My cat has been walking to a house down the block every day for the past month and I’ve been calling it cheating.

“It’s like – do you not get enough pets from me? Who are you seeing? He even has the faint scent of strange perfume – I am hurt..”

It comes after a new owner surprised her neighbours with an adorable letter introducing them to her newly adopted seven-month-old puppy.

Amused by the woman’s letter, a neighbour shared it to Reddit with the caption: “Just received this letter at my doorstep. It definitely made me chuckle and glad to see people like this are still around.”

The letter starts: “Hi friend. My name is Blu and I’m your new neighbour. I’m super excited to meet all of you and I can’t wait to make friends with my fellow pups around the neighbourhood.

“I am seven-months-old. I love to play and my favourite things are belly rubs, running around the park, and eating dirt from my mum’s house plants.”

Apologising for her puppy’s late night barking, the owner explained how Blu is still settling into her new home and routine.

The letter adds: “I’m looking forward to meeting you and I hope we can all be friends.”