Pilot’s ‘jelly’ hack that can help anxious travellers afraid of flying this summer

Extreme anxiousness and increasing anxiety – symptoms of an anxious traveller can be particularly unpleasant.

If you’re one of the unlucky people, you might have tried everything to make yourself feel better, to no avail.

Well, there’s one more trick that you can give a go if you’re feeling up to it – and it comes recommended by a pilot.

TikTok user Anna Paul shared the first-hand advice that she received to overcome her nerves – and it simply involves jelly and a napkin.

She told how her a erophobia – extreme fear of flying – was quickly rectified by a small demonstration that she has documented in a viral video.

“This tip is how not to be scared of flying from a real pilot,” she said as she held up a small pot of jelly.

“So, pretend this is the air that you’re flying in – this jelly right here.

Although looking rather sceptical at first, Anna held up a small piece of a scrunched-up napkin – ready to place it into the jelly.

She continued: “And this napkin is the airplane? Ok? Just trust me!

“And that is you flying through the sky, there’s pressure from the bottom, there’s pressure from the top, and from the sides.

“There’s pressure coming from everywhere, ok?” She said. “And now – when there’s turbulence, it’s like this…”

She proceeded to tap on top of the jelly quickly with her finger – and pointed out that the napkin was not affected or moving.

She said: “You feel the plane shaking – but this is not just going to fall down, you know?”

“It’s stuck in there because there’s pressure coming from the bottom and the sides – so this is what turbulence is.

“So, you can chill there – you’re riggling in jelly – it’s not going to automatically fall just because it’s shaking.

“There has never been a plane clash from turbulence, so you don’t have to be scared, ok?

“When you’re in a place and you feel turbulence – imagine yourself in jelly like this – and know that you can’t just fall, it’s stuck.

“It’s stuck in the middle of the air because of all of the pressure everywhere.

“This helped me a lot – so much – I always think that I’m jelly when there’s turbulence,” she added.

Users fled to the comment section to praise the idea – with some even sharing their own top tips to tackle the fear.

“Ok, this helps me so much,” a user commented beside a red heart emoji.

“This genuinely has helped me SO much,” a second gushed.

A third commented: “Another pilot told me it’s comparable to a pothole or bumps in the road when you’re driving!!”